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Contemporary or traditional? Kitchen garden or Mediterranean inspired alfresco dining space? Cottage garden or play area for the children? There are a million and one ways you can create your perfect outside space. You may already have a firm idea of exactly what you want, or like many of our clients you need some inspiration and guidance? Don’t be afraid to ask. With over ten years experience in devising and building beautiful residential gardens and landscapes, we’ve yet to be stuck for an idea, even for the smallest of spaces.


Where to start?

Ask yourself, what do I want from this space? What practical aspects do I need to consider? It might help to make a list (e.g. parking, security, access, utilities, lighting, beds for growing fruit and veg, easy maintenance, dining area or lounge seating). Then consider the aesthetics, what styles do you like, how do you want the space to feel (e.g. modern, traditional, relaxed or formal). Many clients have visited a garden and taken photo's for inspiration or maybe a holiday garden abroad that they want to recapture in their own back garden.


There are also many gardening magazines, TV programmes and social media sites that can help, you can follow us for more pictures of our work via the links to Instagram and Facebook above.


Why not pull together a set of images and ideas and let Broad Reach Landscapes bring them to life for you?

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